19.08.31 Posted

Announcing HATENKOHRO presents 『SAWAGI! vol.4』 details !!

This time we invited “Godai” who gathered five Japanese instruments musician and “Ujigami-Ichiban(Kabukirocks)” as guest in our headlining event “SAWAGI!”!
Don’t miss it!

☆Pre-sales will start in HATENKOHRO Official website on Sep.8th(sun.)10am!
☆Pre-sales reward is “The movie of HATENKOHRO New Zealand tour journey version”

——-Details here——-

<HATENKOHRO Presents『SAWAGI!vol.4』>
Artists: Godai / HATENKOHRO
Guests: Ujigami-Ichiban(Kabukirocks)
Date and time: Dec.6th 2019 (Fri.)
OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00
Venue: Shidax culture hall

Ticket: Adv. 5,000YEN (unreserved seats/tax in)/Day ticket undecide
*Please enter in the reference number order which write on the ticket.

☆Pre-sales date
Sep.8th(sun.) 10:00 – Sep.30th 23:59
☆You can buy the ticket on「HATENKOHRO Ticket reservation page」