20.05.11 Posted

Some of HATENKOHRO member joined New MV of “KITA” from New Zealand❗️

日本語 / English

HATENKOHRO met and interacted with “KITA” in SPLORE the biggest outdoor music festival in NZ.
And in this time SADA, Izki Hananomoto, NatsunA and Zenya Sakata joined KITA’s new music video “TRY TO FIND A WAY” ✨

When the World went into lockdown, their song travelled around the World collecting private moments from people during COVID-19 Lockdown, in April 2020🎥

A World Premiere on Facebook, 12th May(Tue) 7pm NZT(Japan time is 4pm)🌈
Izki Hananomoto will join the premiere on behalf of HATENKOHRO.
You should watch✨